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This page contains links to Internet resources related to Vileyka (sorted alphabetically).

Blog of the site "Vileyka-Info"
Blog that publishes notes and news about the life of the city

Hope - XXI century
Site of the Belarusian-German joint charity enterprise "Hope - XXI century"

Igor Ryndevich
Site of the author of the resource Vileyka-Info

JSC "Stroydetali"
Site of Vileyka plant of construction parts

Komdor LLC
Site of the Vileyka company "Komdor" (engineering)

Our Land
"Our Land" - the regional news site

Plant "Zenit"
Site of the largest plant in Vileyka

Preschool child development center
Site of the "Preschool Child Development Center of Vileyka"
Sights of Belarus and Lithuania html

Roman Catholic Parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Vileyka
Site of the Vileyka Catholic Church

"The Way of Victory" newspaper
Site of the regional newspaper

Vileyka County - genealogy and local history
Materials of local history and genealogical topics

Vileyka CHE
Site of the State Institution "Vileyka Regional Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology"

Vileyka District Central Hospital
Site of Vileyka Hospital

Vileyka District Executive Committee
Official website 

Vileyka District Library
Site of the Vileyka District Central Library named after A.Novik"

Vileyka experimental forest farm
Site of Vileyka experimental forest farm

Vileyka furniture factory
Site and catalog of furniture of Vileyka furniture factory

Vileyka housing and communal services
Site of the enterprise of housing and communal services"

Vileyka Museum of Local History
Official site of the Vileyka Museum of Local History

Vileyka satellite photo
Google Maps Project: Satellite Photos of the Earth. The given link contains the coordinates of Vileyka and uploads a zoomable photo of the city and its surroundings.

Vileyka State College
Site of Vileyka State College

Weather in Vileyka
Weather forecast in Vileyka for 6 days

Site of the public association "ZOViK"

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