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This page contains a list of the largest industrial enterprises of the city with an indication of the manufactured products.

Name of the enterprise OJSC "Zenit-BelOMO"
Description Production of optical and mechanical components, parts and devices.
Address Vileyka, st. Chapaeva, 26
Phone +375 1771 3-29-69 (reception)
+375 1771 3-29-71, 3-29-07 (sales department)
The head Mikalay Haychuk
List of products Optical sights, binoculars, color casting, welded metal structures, technical equipment for engineering, medical scales, components and parts for cars, spare parts for tractors


Name of the enterprise OJSC "Stroydetali""
Description Building Parts Factory
Address Vileyka, st. Stakhanovskaya, 134
Phone +375 1771 5-42-59 (reception)
+375 1771 2-25-05, 2-26-62 (sales department)
The head Aliaksandr Khvinevich
List of products Door blocks, window blocks, doors, wood fuel briquettes, garden houses


Name of the enterprise LLC "Komdor"
Description Manufacture of steel structures
Address Vileyka, st. May 1, 66
Phone +375 1771 2-67-98
The head Valery Yazykou
List of products Machinery and equipment for the construction and maintenance of roads, snow plows, welded metal structures (masts and towers for mobile communications), container-type premises


Name of the enterprise CJSC "Molodechnomebel"
branch Vileika furniture factory
Description Cabinet furniture factory
Address Vileyka, st. Volyntsa, 7
Phone +375 1771 3-14-32 (reception)
+375 1771 3-14-40, 3-14-08 (sales department)
The head Anatol Sharshniou
List of products Cabinet furniture sets, kitchen and hallway furniture sets, tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas, beds


Name of the enterprise Branch "Vileika bakery" OJSC "Borisovkhlebprom"
Description Bakery and confectionery production
Address Vileyka, st. International, 24B
Phone +375 1771 5-44-02 (reception)
+375 1771 5-48-26 (sales department)
The head Anatol Siarhey
List of products Bread and bakery products, confectionery, soft drinks, garments (workwear)


Name of the enterprise OJSC "Vileika feed mill"
Description Production of animal feed
Address Vileyka, st. Stakhanovskaya, 143
Phone +375 1771 2-26-20 (reception)
+375 1771 2-99-89 (sales department)
The head Siarhey Zubel
List of products Mixed feed, feed mixtures, live fish, meat, including offal


Name of the enterprise OJSC "Vileika Repair Plant"
Description Mechanical engineering and metalworking
Address Vileyka, st. May Day, 66
Phone +375 1771 2-98-50 (reception)
+375 1771 2-99-46 (sales department)
The head Pavel Patrepka
List of products Production of agricultural machinery and spare parts for them, production of mobile buildings and metal structures, woodworking, production of saloons and vans


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